Paint Coating

Ceramic Paint Coating

Neotek® CERAMIC has been engineered to find the right balance between hardness and flexibility. This means that the coating is tough enough to resist and provide superior contaminant resistance, while ensuring the flexibility needed for everyday motoring. Super hydrophobic properties provide a permanent wax and polish as well as protecting your new car against environmental damage such as;

  • Oxidation, fading, discolouration & loss of gloss
  • Insect etching
  • Tar and road grime damage
  • Natural environmental fallout
  • Bird and bat droppings
  • Tree sap stains

Platinum Paint Coating

The Latest Kinetic Technology protects your vehicle through:

  • Advanced cerami-glass technology to preserve and protect the variations of modern paintwork.
  • The naturally occurring Titanium Dioxide, which is commonly used in sunscreen. It has an exceptional refractive index, strong UV light absorption and demonstrates resistance to discoloration.
  • Silicone Dioxide which is the glass component of the cerami-glass technology. Used for centuries for hardness and protection without reducing visual activity, it is a time proven method.